Customized Lamp

Send/buy personalized lamp in India-

wehatke is an each-inclusive-commerce platform for gifts, and you presumably know why we're telling this. We're one of the most reliable/ trusted online gift stores that you'll find in India. To spread this happiness, we've a stockroom full of inconceivable gifts for your loved one. Let us take you straight to our collection of the brilliant; customized gifts that you can buy. We'll now advise you about the numerous kinds of lights gifts that we've for you.

Customized led lamp -

We've for you perfect gifts then at wehatke just staying to light your world. The personalized Glowing lamp is most attractive. It looks way more intriguing than other lights of the same type, and that’s what makes it unique. With various LED bulbs outside, you can publish around further than ten prints on it. This personalized print beacon will be a great gift to give to your relative.

Best part of customized lamp is that you can find verity in lamp

·         Rotating lamp

·         Shadow lamp

·         Collage photo lamp

These lamp most used for birthday, anniversary and other special days

Customized shadow lamp-

This lamp have a unique thing that when you put it on table and turn on light then  you will found that your photo reflection will be on wall and complete room will covered with your photos. When your gift it for your girlfriend then she will more impress with your unique creativity.