Creating a special surprise

How to surprise a loved one in an extra special way

We truly believe that making others happy also makes you happy. There’s no better way to make your loved ones feel good than by doing so in an extra special, personal way by surprising them! Creating a good, happy surprise is in the little things; remembering a special date, being there when you know they need you. Letting a loved one know you’re thinking of them is never a bad idea.

A special way to show you’re thinking of them

In some cases you will know the recipient very well, in others you will know them less well. Coming up with a fitting surprise for your partner or best friend is often easy. But when it comes to surprising your neighbour or child’s teacher, it can be a bit more of a struggle. Not to worry, as you may have more insight into what they like and enjoy than you initially think! Perhaps your neighbour spends a lot of time in their garden? If so, they more than likely enjoy gardening and you can think of a surprise that has something to do with that. If your child’s teacher often wears purple, chances are she will love a gift that has the same colour. The fact that you’re taking the time to notice these things is a gift in itself, as it will make the recipient feel seen and appreciated.

Planning your surprise

If you’re really looking to surprise someone, it’s important to choose the right moment; the moment they would least expect. A birthday surprise is always great, but you could choose to go for a less expected moment. Perhaps a friend is picking up their new puppy this weekend, for example. If so, you could send them a little surprise for them and their new best friend. If a friend’s relationship has just ended, show them you’re there for them by surprising them with a gift set of things that will offer comfort and distraction, such as chocolate, a comfy blanket and a personalised wine glass; perfect for a night of Netflix.